Thursday, January 11, 2007

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Claudio. There is this Blogosphere Meme where you are tagged by somebody and have to tell 5 things about you that are not common knowledge. In turn you must tag 5 others.

Let's see. I am very open in my blogs and I have been at it for a while now so there are not many things I can think of that are not commonly known.

1. In a previous life, (ie. before computers), I worked for many years selling machine tools (metal-working machines such as lathes and milling machines). It was a very interesting and enjoyable job that allowed me to travel, meet many people, and made it possible for me to immigrate to the USA back in 1981 as a job transfer.

2. I used to be a pretty decent chess player until 1976 when I learned the Game of Go. I became a member of the Argentina Go Association (AsociaciĆ³n Argentina de Go) and later of the American Go Association and never played chess again. I then played in several US Go Congresses (USA's national tournaments) and have an extensive library of Go games and Go problems to solve, over 60% of them all in Japanese! True I have not been active in the Go scene for over 6 years, due to lack of time and other interests but I still know how to play the game {g}.

3. I used to build model airplanes and ships. I still have a nice collection at home of 1/72 scale aircraft, 1/700 scale ships and even one big 1/350 scale model of the USS Enterprise (by Tamiya) A couple of my models where on display at the old local modeling powerhouse store, Orange Blossom Hobbies in Miami in the early 1990's.

4. I also created, some of them fairly recently, FS2004 public-domain sceneries, especially for the excellent Tongass Fjords add-on by Holger Sandmann and Bill Womack, which can be freely downloaded from some common FS-related sites.

5. In my early 20's I was a motorcycle fan and over the years I owned three motorcycles, ending with a Kawasaki 400 which I had to sell when I moved to the USA in 1981. Ahh, the memories!

Now I am suppossed to tag 5 people:

1. Rick Schummer
2. Garrett Fitzgerald
3. Rick Borup
4. Doug Hennig
5. Craig Berntson

Tag! You are it!

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  1. Hi Alex. Seems that we have something in common other than VFP, the game of go. I'm a pretty good player - or I was :) , about 3-4 kyu on IGS.
    The same, some years passed since the last game.

  2. Hi Dorin,

    I was a 4K in IGS (1D in AGA) by the time I left. That was years ago!

  3. Hey Alex,

    Wow, Orange Blossom Hobbies, eh? My great-grandfather lived in a old two story coral rock house on the residential street that intersected 36th Street; he lived literally 100 yards away. Whenever we'd visit him I'd look for an excuse to go over there. Did you remember how they used to have slot-car racing there?

  4. Gonzo,

    That goes way back. Probably before my time as I don't remember seeing slot-car racing there. It was a great place. Spent plenty of time (and money) there.