Monday, August 17, 2015

The character of Julian Bond (1940-2015)

The Atlantic published a good article on Julian Bond, who passed away this week.

They praise his character, as do I, and how he was willing to risk life and freedom for his convictions. We need more people like him, to fight inequality, racism, and hatred.

After the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, Bond was one of 11 African Americans elected to the Georgia House. But when he arrived at the state capitol on January 10, 1966, the House refused to seat him, at the urging of Representative James “Sloppy” Floyd. SNCC had issued a statement opposing the war in Vietnam and expressing support for young men who refused induction into the military. America denied justice to black people at home, the statement argued; it was impossible to believe that its war would bring justice to the people of Asia. Asked about the statement on the radio, Bond had supported it. This meant, Sloppy Floyd said, that Bond could not take a legislator’s oath to support the Constitution.

He sued and the Supreme Court ruled in Bond vs Floyd that he was right.

Julian, you were one of the good guys. You will be remembered.

(article at The Atlantic: