Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Having computer issues to end the year

My main hard drive does not want to boot (Windows 7).

I tried all kinds of things, from chkdsk,  to Startup Repair (from an original Windows 7 DVD), to running Bootrec.exe

Nothing worked. Next I tried to reinstall the whole OS, which I wanted to avoid, as it means losing all software, and days of re-installation.

I have all the keys and all my data and photos backed up in a second drive (D:) and in two external hard drives which are up to date (daily), so no issues there.

The new install failed as it could not write to the boot record. Looks like the main C: drive is busted. It is an old 500 GB hard drive. It served me well for almost 5 years. I'm sad to see it go, and dread the ordeal of having to reinstall everything, and probably losing some programs that are hard to find anymore.

I ordered a new SSD from Amazon Prime. It is a Crucial 512 GB MX100 SATA that should be fast and work wonders.

In the meantime, I am working off of my trusty Chromebook, so I do have internet access. The photos posted are already online in my website.

Any new images are still in the camera and will be for the weekend as I do not have a PC to download to and process.

Have a Happy New Year and here's to a wonderful 2015 with more and better photography!