Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ketchikan Airport

A place I always wanted to see was Ketchikan Airport (Wikipedia). I had “visited” it many times in Microsoft Flight Simulator, flying in and out of the place and around the beautiful Misty Forjds National Monument (Wikipedia) in SE Alaska.

When you have the excellent add-on by ORBX for Ketchikan Airport (link) the fidelity and reality is astounding. Even down to the docks and the sloped taxiways.


When we took the cruise to Alaska earlier this month, one of the stops was in Ketchikan, It is a nice little town (see my photo gallery) and as the airport is in another island, just in front of the town, we passed close enough for a good look. The weather as usual in a rain forest, was of course rainy, but I still shot a good set of photos of the airport, the famous sloped taxiways (needed because of the lack of space in the place), and the ferry that passengers have to take to cross in and out of the airport.

Tower and terminal


General view


The ferry (you can see the sloped taxiway coming down from the runway)

The floatplane section (very common in Alaska)