Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A walk in Bal Harbour

I have been teaching myself video basics lately with a new GoPro. I have purchased Video Pad editing software. Excellent and very reasonably priced.

It is much different work editing video than still photography. Learning every day.

Here is a 3-minute video I posted. What do you think? (see it in hi-res in YouTube for best quality)


  1. That's pretty cool Alex... how was the video camera mounted, and how much time did it take you to do all the video editing?

  2. On a headband mount, which explains the movement. Editing is new to me. I have a great editing program I bought, (Video Pad from NCH Software). I am still learning to do it, so it takes time. This one took maybe 4 hours. With experience I can make it in half or less. When adding complexity, i.e multiple cameras it is more involved. It is fun.

    1. It looks fun... congratulations; I look forward to more.